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I got the disc gun and was like: yay I can fight back now

I died after spamming

Weird thing I noticed: The downloads seem to be of an older version than the web game, at least for Linux, no custom gun sprites/music/menus/animations etc

I got 12 Max after like 25 tries and there's still stuff I haven't figured out or used lol this is awesome

Really great game! I like how you have to balance the act of moving and aiming at the same time. Maybe you want to shoot left but move right to avoid the enemies? Well  you have to properly navigate and choose what input you want to do. It makes for great fun, good job!

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35 is my best (so far)


Amazing! good fun!

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my fingers are in PAIN because im using arrow keys so much XD

As a fan of Vlambeer i really like this game, highscore of 38 but i'm sure i'm going to keep playing. Really awesome... fangame? 


ok im reading the comments, and  i suck at this game. high score of 9 :P


This game is amazing! Are you also the developer of Just One Boss because i recognize the art style and the loading screen. I definitely respect u!

no farbs has just made this!


WOW samurai in pixel! it was so much fun running around in your world. not too easy, not too difficult. JUST lagom <3

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Wow this is very epic gaming I hope that everyone download your games. How can I download the HTML5 Zip File Sodat I can play with it. Thanks for helping 

It's on the pico-8 BBS, so you could grab the original pico8 source that way in order to mess with it. Diving straight into the js transpiler output would not be much fun.

Yes and I want to embed it on my website because I'm want to make a video to tell people sodat they can download your game that is why I need the HTML file. Please help me.

WOW epic game

This is amazing, also I am sad I got the saw gun :(

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Highscores belong here (no need to thank me):

This game is amazing!


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damn, very cool!

i really like the saw weapon thing, very good way to punish players who are rushing to get a high score, also that laser rifile can be used as a melee weapon

and the game would sell pretty well on mobile devices

I love the concept, physics, look, everything!

Havent played a good arcade style game for a while

Very noice....

high score of 209 >: )



Oh my! I don't suppose you're recording these?

i'm coming for your record mate

I didnt even make it past 9

I'm not one for arcade games, but this one has made me want to play all the time.


I got 23 :/


High score of 39

I have been addicted to your game for the past few days, I lost my job, my house and I am currently $5000 in debt. Your game ruined my life, dumbass.

really fun game, btw... 10/10


now they are 49... both high score and thousands in debt

i require help

Oh dear. Well, at least the game is free :)

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high of 26

got katana and i accidentally got too close to a thicc saw...

minigun is op btw

every weapon is OP if you know how to use it


highscore of 10! its a fun game

Jogo fantástico

This is fantastic, and I can't believe it was made in such a short period of time! I love it!

Thanks! It certainly helped that Super Crate Box (from which I borrowed a lot) already existed :)

This game is so addictive, I love it. I like the polish, and the disc gun weapon was really clever

Cheers! I wasn't sure if that would annoy people or not :)

It does. Oh, it does.

Excellent :P

can i play this with a controller? if i can, what kind.

You can!

I'm not sure which controllers pico8 supports out of the box, but I've been using an Xbox One gamepad and I imagine a 360 gamepad would almost certainly work too. Other common controllers are probably supported but I can't say for sure.

can u play this with ps4 controller because thats all i have if not i will just play with mouse and keyboard.

No idea sorry - I don't have one to test with. Maybe!

ok i can try then.

Hey! Awesome game, nice combo between super crate box and disc room. Im a big fan of super crate box so i enjoyed your game a lot. (A little tip for mac builds of the game, place the executable into a folder before zipping. Then everyone will be able to open it without the error) 

Oh hey thanks, that's super helpful!

I can't open it on mac

Ah damn. Sorry, I don't have a mac to test it on. Can you play the web builds?

I can’t open it because of some thing about just MY Mac, something about not being able to find the person who made it, I dunnno

Ah, thanks, yeah, that's probably related to Apple's new requirement that every developer pays them a fee to sign their app. I'm... not going to do that for a free game :)

Instead of downloading the game though, can you just hit the play button on this page and play the game in your browser?



Why? Nevermind, it is just fun.

So so good. My high score is 18. This feels amazing. 10 out of 10.

Wow, never has a Disc Gun felt so dangerous to the player! You did a wonderful job mixing the two games, I loved the way you decided to make the player's movement, the crates and Discs spawning... Congratulations! I also enjoyed seeing the Discs with cute angry faces, they're really funny!

Two things that I think would make it even better would be to drop mines on top of the discs and they exploded and/or being able to put the mines on the walls. Also, the speed that you get pushed away from the walls can be a little too fast. But those are just my opinions, it's a lovely game!

There's no leaderboards, but the current high scores I'm aware of are:

Open Division: 97 - Minecraft27Xbox

Jr Division (10 and under): 15 - Farbs Jr

I never knew the perfect game that ever existed could ever have a sibling but here we are.

this is super fun and polished. clever to combine 2 jw games for jw’s game jam :)

I've been playing this with my friends and we had a blast! Really captures the essence of super crate box, adding a very nice twist.

Awesome! Managed to get a score of 32. Lots of unique weapons and balanced discs. I think Pico-8 can output html, and from my experience more people play if you embed that on your page. Might be my favorite so far.

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Cheers! And thanks for the suggestion. I'll figure out the HTML export stuff today.

EDIT: In the meantime, there's a web build on the PICO-8 BBS here

ANOTHER EDIT: Done! You can now play right here. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Yes Is There A way you can send me the HTML game file sodat I can embed it to my website because I play games and I tell people which games is awesome to play and I want to tell people how great your game very is. Please tell me if you are ready.

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