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I can't open it on mac

Ah damn. Sorry, I don't have a mac to test it on. Can you play the web builds?

I can’t open it because of some thing about just MY Mac, something about not being able to find the person who made it, I dunnno

Ah, thanks, yeah, that's probably related to Apple's new requirement that every developer pays them a fee to sign their app. I'm... not going to do that for a free game :)

Instead of downloading the game though, can you just hit the play button on this page and play the game in your browser?



Why? Nevermind, it is just fun.

So so good. My high score is 18. This feels amazing. 10 out of 10.

Wow, never has a Disc Gun felt so dangerous to the player! You did a wonderful job mixing the two games, I loved the way you decided to make the player's movement, the crates and Discs spawning... Congratulations! I also enjoyed seeing the Discs with cute angry faces, they're really funny!

Two things that I think would make it even better would be to drop mines on top of the discs and they exploded and/or being able to put the mines on the walls. Also, the speed that you get pushed away from the walls can be a little too fast. But those are just my opinions, it's a lovely game!

There's no leaderboards, but the current high scores I'm aware of are:

Open Division: 97 - Minecraft27Xbox

Jr Division (10 and under): 15 - Farbs Jr

I never knew the perfect game that ever existed could ever have a sibling but here we are.

this is super fun and polished. clever to combine 2 jw games for jw’s game jam :)

I've been playing this with my friends and we had a blast! Really captures the essence of super crate box, adding a very nice twist.

Awesome! Managed to get a score of 32. Lots of unique weapons and balanced discs. I think Pico-8 can output html, and from my experience more people play if you embed that on your page. Might be my favorite so far.

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Cheers! And thanks for the suggestion. I'll figure out the HTML export stuff today.

EDIT: In the meantime, there's a web build on the PICO-8 BBS here

ANOTHER EDIT: Done! You can now play right here. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Yes Is There A way you can send me the HTML game file sodat I can embed it to my website because I play games and I tell people which games is awesome to play and I want to tell people how great your game very is. Please tell me if you are ready.

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