Build 1.10 - Nose Cones and Squad Cams



Things you might notice:

  • Nose cone module - It's pointy!
  • Photon brace module - A structural part with zero mass and zero hp.
  • Added squadmate camera - toggle with V

The new modules are available through the crafting system. Did you know that there's a crafting system? Grab modules that are connected together in specific configurations and the game will prompt you to press C to craft something new!

To build a nose cone, put 1-3 girders in a row with a shielding at the end.
To build a photon brace, first build two truss modules (two girders in a row), then attach them in a line in the same way.

Things you probably won't notice:

  • Fixed the Dobby Behind The Table rotation flicker bug
  • Made repair beams sticky, holding their target for 0.3s. This should prevent them from flickering.
  • Weapon colour and bloom visual tweaks

Have fun out there!

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