Build 1.12 - Passthrough experiment & QoL


  • Projectiles pass through non-structural modules attached to the projectile source (you can shoot through shielding and lasers etc)
  • Longer AFK timeout with warning popup
  • Added lots and lots of names to the list (let me know if I missed any or you have more requests)
  • Boot/Jacker status expires after 5 minutes
  • New T-Girder recipe allowing you to expand an existing one by adding two girders
  • Warning popup when you try to close the tab mid-game
  • Normalized scrolling for different scroll modes (untested attempt to fix OSX scroll zoom bug)

The pass-through change should significantly change the meta, and honestly I have no idea if it'll be for the better or the worse, so it's just an experiment for now. Firing through shielding makes it much easier to protect your weapons, and careful use of side lasers even allows you to stack them, but maybe that's too strong? IDK. Let's find out!

Also, the new T-Girder currently isn't limited so you really can make them however big you like. I... may regret that.

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