Build 1.11 - Animation and girders


  • Added animation for debris being grabbed, dropped, attached, detached etc by other players
  • Added crafting animation
  • Removed momentum from dropped debris (so if you grab something that's moving and then put it back down, it doesn't fly off)
  • Fixed being-destroyed representation of many modules (where all the lines come from as they break apart)
  • Added T-Girders, with recipes for 3, 5, and 7 width
  • Added T-Girders to high level drones
  • Made all structural module recipes use the minimum ingredient level instead of the usual maximum

The new animations in this build make it much easier to see what other players are doing, so for example now it's much clearer when someone is giving you modules, or when the parts you're working with suddenly disappear you can see who pilfered them :)

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