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In Captain Forever you build spaceships while you are flying them. There's no cumbersome editor. Just blast an enemy ship apart, grab a piece with your mouse, and bolt it to your vessel. Done. What's more, everything is physically simulated so ship design has a huge impact on flight characteristics and combat capability.

This latest edition brings Captain Forever back to the browser, with io-style multiplayer and a suite of new modules via a crafting system.


Drones are NPCs, and you're very welcome to blow them apart. They're the ships with the little red radar dish spinning around in their command module. Mind their lasers, take out their command module, and build yourself a bigger and better ship!

Players have a white boxy logo in the middle of their command module, and if you destroy one they might seek revenge. Everyone spawns in as a civilian, and if you blow up a civilian command module you'll be branded a pirate. Anyone else on the server will see a big red arrow pointing your way, and odds are you won't last very long!

Speaking of players, is even better with friends! If you enter the same squad name you'll spawn on each other's wingtips, and get additional navigation aids allowing you to quickly find each other. If you share your loot, defend each other as you rebuild, and use the new repair beam modules to keep each other's vessels in good shape, you'll soon have the biggest ships in the 'verse!

You'll also find a few long-time Captain Forever fans playing, and they're usually very happy to help a fellow pilot out.

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